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Club Championships
Club Championships - Club Championship Photos 2017

2018 Club Champions Winners & Runners Up



Runner Up

D grade boys singles

Casey Gambrell

Harry McEvoy

D grade girls singles

Amber Arthur

Amalie Ciocca

C grade girls singles

Ellie Temelkovski

Ellie Goulden

B grade boys singles

Joel Grech

Oscar Grech

Open girl’s singles

Eliza Knowles

Charlotte Robison

Open boy’s singles

Oliver Ferrigno

Connor Grech

D grade unisex doubles

Lola Zerafa

Lucas Zerafa

Casey Gambrell

Sebastian Ellis

C grade unisex doubles

Eliza Lane

Charlotte Freame

Ellie Goulden

Sara Wright

Open Junior doubles

Eliza Knowles

Charlotte Robison

Jacob Knowles

Connor Grech

Open Ladies Singles

Olivia Panatiotidis

Sarah Gonsalves

Open Men’s Singles

Peter Maffi

An Doung

Open Men’s Doubles

Jack Mayoh

An Doung

Tino Curavic

Joni Szuravlevicz

Open Ladies Doubles

Sarah Gonsalves

Christine Knight

Alysia West

Jean Bush

Open Mixed Doubles

Olivia Panatiotidis

An Duong

Alysia West

Jack Mayoh

2017 Club Championship Results


10 and Under Unisex Doubles

Coen Lim & Ned Lawes                      defeated

Lucas Zerafa & Lola Zerafa

10 and Under Boys Singles

Coen Lim                                            defeated

Ned Lawes

12 & Under Unisex Doubles

Jesse Gatt & Antonio Morosinotto    defeated

Jack Zammit & Xavier Amati

12 and Under Boys Singles

Jesse Gatt                                          defeated

Antonio Morosinotto

13 & Over Unisex Doubles

Alex Bush & Oliver Ferrigno             defeated

Ryan Sherry & Toby Bush

13 & Over Boys Singles

Alex Bush                                           defeated

Connor Grech

Ladies Singles

Sarah Gonsalves

Ladies Doubles

Sarah Gonsalves & Christine Knight

Men’s Singles

Peter Maffi

Men’s Doubles

Tino Curavic & David McAllister

Mixed Doubles

Sarah Gonsalves & Jack Mayoh



December 13th  2015     Keilor Tennis Club Club Championships Results


 Club Championships Results

 Under 10’s Singles - Oliver R def. Jacob K

 Under 10’s Doubles – Antonio M / Jacob L  def. Toby B /Ruby G

 Under 12’s Singles - William R def. Darcy W

 Under 12’s Doubles – William R & Oliver R def. Oliver F & Ryan S

 Under 14’s Singles - Alex B def. Jackson R

 Under 14’s Doubles – Darcy W / Jackson R def. Alex B / Mike P

 Under 18’s - Olivia P def. Andre V

 Ladies Singles – Olivia P def. Christine K

 Ladies Doubles – Christine Mc & Jean B def. Christine K & Irene C

 Men’s Singles – Peter M def. David Mc

 Men’s Doubles - Dave Mc & Arkin L def. Peter M & Frank P




Keilor Tennis Club Championships Finals 2014 were held on Sunday 16th November.  

This year's winners and finalists are: 



Competition Name



Under 10’s Unisex Singles

Darcy Whitebrook

Charlotte Robison

Under 10’s Unisex Doubles

Jacob Knowles & Antonio Morosinotto

Eliza Knowles & Adrianna Vella

Under 12’s Unisex Singles

Maja Svalina

Ranithri Rajapakse

Under 12’s Unisex Doubles

Maja Svalina & Ranithri Rajapakse

Kiara Fabris & Darcy Whitebrook

Under 14’s Unisex Singles

Tony Hua

Aiden Dennis

Under 14’s Unisex Doubles

Aiden Dennis & Jordan Ioannou

Lana Svalina & Maja Svalina

Under 18’s Unisex Singles

Olivia Panayioitidis

Christopher Pop

Under 18’s Unisex Doubles

Andre Vella & Christopher Pop

Olivia Panayioitidis & Maja Svalina

Ladies Singles

Olivia Panayioitidis

Christine Knight

Men’s Singles

Peter Maffi

David McAllister

Men’s Doubles

David McAllister & Arkin Lohman

Peter Maffi & Mark Chatfield

Mixed Doubles

OliviaPanayioitidis & Christopher Pop

Peter Maffi & Christine Knight


Keilor Tennis Club Championships, 2014

Sunday 9th November & Sunday 16th November


Men’s Singles & Doubles - Entries are now open.

Entries close for Men’s Singles & Doubles & Ladies Singles on 5th October.

All other events close on 2nd November @ 12 noon.

Welcome all members.  The categories for this year’s competitions are as follows:

 Junior Unisex:                  Singles 10 & Under                   Doubles 10 & Under       


                                      Singles 12 & Under                   Doubles 12 & Under

                                      Singles 14 & Under                   Doubles 14 & Under        


                                      Singles 18 & Under                   Doubles 18 & Under


Ladies:                         Singles & Doubles                    


Men’s:                           Singles & Doubles 


Mixed:                          Doubles


Due to a huge increase in competitors over the last 4 years, popular demand & an all- time record in membership numbers Tournament Director & T.A. Club Professional Coach, David McAllister has decided that the early rounds of the Men’s events will be held in October. Matches will be best of 3 tiebreak sets. This will assist in freeing-up court time for the Sundays in November that we play the other junior & senior singles & doubles events.

 Entries will close on 5th October & the draw will be posted for play to start on Sunday 12th October.

All competitors must provide a Mobile contact number next to their name to assist match scheduling, it will be the duty of both players to contact each other to arrange their match. In the event of a dispute the Tournament Director’s decision will be final.

Timelines for each round will be posted on this noticeboard & also at . There will be a timeframe of approximately 1 to 2 weeks per round depending on the number of entries.


Please consult the court booking sheet in the clubhouse window to assist you in scheduling your matches.


Play nicely, or you may incur the wrath of Dave!


The semi-finals will be held on Sunday 9th November, along with all other scheduled round-robin junior & senior events.


The finals will be held on Sunday 16th November including all final rounds in the other events, & a great BBQ !!!


 Call David on 0421 214 205 if you have any questions.


Keilor Tennis Club Championships 2014

Rules & Regulations


Starting times are staggered to avoid court congestion so please observe the starting time for each event in the top left hand corner of the draw sheet.  These will be posted inside the club house once draws are finalised.



Every event in the round robin stage will have a “sudden death at deuce” format.  The receiver/s will choose which side they would like to return serve on.  (i.e. deuce box or advantage box.)



Match lengths will be run according to the size of the draw.  The match lengths may be changed due to inclement weather or other factors at the referee’s discretion.



All players should be available for both scheduled days & also Sunday 23rd of November if needed due to weather interruptions.  If any player forfeits due to illness, injury or any other reason all of their matches will be lost to zero games – even those already played!



Blatant foot-faulting (one whole foot over the line) will be called.


There will be a “3 strikes and you’re out!” policy.  First offence 1 point penalty, 2nd offence 1 game penalty & 3rd offence loss of match.  This will apply to racquet throwing, abusive language or behaviour judged inappropriate to the game of tennis.  In other words play nice!



Players only on the court unless an umpire is called for.


The referee’s decision shall be final – no appeals.


Please be reminded that this is an all-day “tennis festival” as much as anything else.  It is a time for all members, playing & non- playing alike to socialise, make new friends and have fun.



Bacon & Eggs for breakfast, BBQ lunch & snacks will be served on each day at amazingly low prices.