Club History

The Keilor Tennis club was opened in 1913 according to the Historical Society of Keilor. It was a part of the Keilor Sports Club, and consisted of one Asphalt court. At that stage the tennis committee had to write to the sports club committee for tennis balls and maintenance of courts and club room. They also held fundraisers of raffles, dances and Crazy Whist nights, for new courts.

 In 1960 Courts 1 and 2 were built on their current site, Bob Hind was instrumental in the building of the pavilion with financial assistance from the council. During this time the Tennis Club also succeeded from the Sports Club to become its own identity.

 In 1969 four ladies from Essendon, Nancy Wilkes, Ruth Smith, Sandra McKenzie and Colva Johnstone came to Keilor and formed the first team to play Thursday Ladies Competition in the North Suburban Ladies Tennis Association (NSLTA). They were reasonably successful with Colva wining the club championship in 1969 and team the premiership in 1971. The Ladies had a social day on Tuesday; practice for Thursday then played competition. By 1971 courts 3 & 4 had been built & the club rooms extended.

 Although a relatively small club, the Keilor Tennis Club has had a fair share of success within the various competitions from Juniors, Ladies and Night Competition. In 2006 courts 1 & 2 were upgraded to a poly-synclay surface and in 2010 courts 3 & 4 were upgraded to a similar surface.